27 April 2012

Customer Appreciation

I received my very first customer appreciation email and photograph of what my customer made with my batt. I was THRILLED! There is just an indescribable feeling when someone randomly finds your product, purchases it, makes something from it, and SHARES it!

I called this "Wild Violets in the Snow" and carded it up with super soft undyed merino, dyed Finn locks, green and purple mylar shreds, purple merino top, and some dyed BFL locks.

Peggy, the batt purchaser from Colorado Springs, and her husband were at the inaugural Taos Fiber Marketplace at The Taos Convention Center, and here is what she had to say about Wild Violets in the Snow. (She gave me permission to put her words and images on my blog).

Hi Lucy,
I held off on spinning your art batt "Wild Violet in the Snow" until I did a show this past week end in Taos, New Mexico.  I corespun around a commercial wool yarn and ended up with two nice skeins.  I received many inquiries as to which booth I bought it at I told them about you.  I don't know if it will translate into any business for Pearhug Studio but I wanted to let you know that your work was admired. 
You cannot BELIEVE the number of people who stopped walking and came over to comment on the colors.  I shared with another vendor that I bought it because of the evocative name and loved the batt that I saw AFTERWARDS.  She understood what I was saying and the two corespun skeins have kept the batt name.  The batts that I've seen are all color and yours was very delicate and different with the colors which was so appealing to me.  Well, that and I love snow (Michigan baby and all)!  May more of your fiber dreams come true...

Peggy, your words MADE MY DAY.  Check out her beautiful core-spun yarn!

I love how the fiber world truly is a potential conversation between supplier and artist. There are so many levels of the process where these connections can take place, and I am energized that fiber art is certainly not an isolated medium. It is also super exciting to know that if I ever were to be a vendor at this convention, I might find success there. 

What is the first customer note you ever received, and how did it make you feel? Do you have a group on Ravelry or Facebook where people share the things they've made from your fiber products? I'd love to hear responses, so feel free to share! Links are also welcome. 

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